Monday, July 29, 2013

It is very interesting to read at and other places how people say how dumb Bill Barbat is, yet they have never contacted him or spoken to him.  For a couple decades, I tolerated people's cynicism and know-it-all destructive critiques, because our research was still theoretical.

However, we have now had two successful tests, when we were able to get coatings manufactured to our specifications, which is NOT easy.  But when the correct resistivity specs are met, Mr. Barbat is able to show energy magnification exactly as predicted.  I no longer give any credibility to those flippant critics, but invite anyone whose mind has not been completely rusted shut like an old bear trap to contact Mr. Barbat for a full discussion of his findings.

Unfortunately, the coatings have thus far been extremely fragile, and worn off the contacts quickly, so the circuit is broken and the induction ceases.

Levitronics is seeking assistance in developing coatings of semiconductive materials to our specifications.
If you are interested in this project, contact:  William N. Barbat, Levitronics, Inc.  (503) 936-1690.

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